Shoring beams accessories


Using Decking or Shoring Beams??

If you rely on logistic bars, decking or shoring beams, whatever you want to call them, our logistics brackets are the best solution to give you the flexibility and versatility when your trailer's vertical logistic posts don't exactly line up with your cargo. Think of it as a mobile E-track that you can place anywhere in your trailer.

Stop the ratchet strap struggle

We've all been there, trying to reach around freight to latch the ratchet straps into the vertical trailer posts on your trailer. Stop the struggle with our logistic brackets. Exact-A-Track spans the distance between the logistics posts giving you the flexibility and versatility to put your load bars and straps in over 7000 positions in a standard 53 foot trailer.

Fits all trailers

Exact-A-Track comes in various sizes that fit almost every trailer. The most popular are our 24", 48" and even 50" versions that will span trailer post configurations from manufacturers like Great Dane, Utility Trailers, Manac, Hyundai, Wabash, Stoughton trailers and many others. If in doubt, measure the space between your trailer's logistic posts. It's either 12", 16", 24", 48" or 50". We've also encountered posts that are 49.5" apart and we have a custom solution to fit these trailers. Contact us if you have any other configurations and we'll be happy to assist you.

Built Strong for our Industry

Made of heavy gauge steel with reinforced ends, our logistics brackets are durable. If you're stacking or decking freight we recommend no more than 1000 lbs. per bracket. Typical configurations of 2 pallets utilizing 2 brackets and 2 decking or shoring beams. Recommended weight allowance of trucking companies using this configuration should not exceed 2000 lbs.

Feedback has been unanimous

Trucking shows throughout the U.S. and Canada have provided some amazing feedback and stories. The most common thing we hear is "It's so ingenious, why didn't I think of that?" People try it and love it. Saving them time, money and protecting their freight and drivers from dangerous shifting.

Can I mount them side by side?

Yes. You can butt together two ends of Exact-A-Track in one logistics post track. We designed Exact-A-Track so you could run them continuously the length of the trailer if needed. It's quite common to run 2,3 and 4 brackets end to end down the length of the trailer.