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Making Shoring Beams More Versatile

Load securement innovation


Our Logistic Brackets Make Shoring Beams More Versatile

Tired of loads not lining up, losing trailer space and money on each trip? Fed up with crushing cargo and making expensive claims? With over 50 years as truck drivers and owners of logistics companies, we knew there had to be a better way to secure loads than stuffing pallets between loads, using dunnage, decking freight with plywood and stretching ratchet straps (and shippers) beyond their capacity. That's why we invented Exact-A-Track.  You can load more freight, more safely and make your logistics management team look like heroes. That's why we say "LOAD MORE. MAKE MORE. PROTECT MORE."



  Exact-A-Track increases shoring beam positions from 250 to over 7000 positions. Our brackets span the distance between your trailer's logistics posts 



  Our versatility can more than double your freight capacity. Whether decking freight or managing multiple LTL shipments, we can help you become more profitable  



 Secure loads more safely and reduce cargo damage and claims. Less damage from straps, decking freight and even rollovers from load shifting.

"The best investment I've made in my fleet"

"We saw Exact-A-Track at the Mid America Truck Show in Louisville and knew it was exactly what we needed. Solved a lot of problems for our LTL business. This simple bracket made us more efficient and safer."

J.T., Accolade LTL

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