Frequently Asked questions


How easy is Exact-A-Track bracket to install?

Very Easy! Installs in seconds. Our logistic brackets hook into the logistics posts on your trailer. They uninstall just as quickly so you can move them to wherever you need to in the trailer. 

Are they strong?

Our patented design is made of high gauge steel. If using them to deck freight, we recommend no more than 1000 lbs. per pair supporting a 2 load bars.

Can they be used to deck freight?

YES. You'll be able to load more pallets that may not fit exactly between your trailer's logistics posts when decking freight. We also recommend no more than about 1000 lbs. per pair. Please use your local load securement guidelines when it come to decking freight. 

Will I still need ratchet straps?

Our brackets don't replace ratchet straps. We recommend using ratchet straps in conjunction with our logistics brackets and in accordance with your local load securement guidelines. However, you will have an easier time finding latching points and won't have to reach around a pallet anymore!

I have a large fleet. Do you provide special pricing?

Our logistics experts can discuss your needs per trailer and outfit your entire fleet. We can also work with you on fleet pricing,